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The best

The best program of all APPs.

GoodReader - wonderful

I use this for carrying a linked set of web pages. Works like magic!

good Reader

I too, use good Reader a lot to store and manage different types of files. couldnt do without it.

Good reader

Use it all the time to group my different file types.

Huge battery drain, Search is wonky

The search/find in page function gives me an error with some PDF files. It is not the PDF file thats the problem; both iBooks and Documents allow me to search for words, but not in GoodReader. Please fix. Also, huge battery drain when I am reading PDFs that are textbook sized.

Still My Download Handling Standard

Ive been using this app for years to handle Safari downloads and Mail file attachments, as well as play audio and video files that dont seem to belong elsewhere. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Must To Have

This APP is a must to have item for IOS... Perfect.


The best of the best

The best

Such a beautiful app. The best in the class. Indexing of files array on iPad is highly desirable.

Essential for file management

The lighter and essential program to manage your files around. If they upgrade with the ability to read PDFs by night on iPad with inverted black/white page and dedicated dimmed grey menu options instead of the light dim menu bar only will be perfect.

Best PDF reader

Its the best iOS app to read and annotate documents!

Excellent for both work and leisure

I use to load all the PDF docs for a specific work task on it and use it in parallel to my Mac to browse docs, make notes, organizing texts. Gorgeous!

Ugly user interface, but still 5 stars because...

I rarely pay for apps. I only use free apps. But after trying out Adobe PDF Reader and countless other free software I was very frustrated and decided to bite the bullet and spend $5 on GoodReader. This is a review after using it for several weeks: At first I was horrified at GoodReaders UX/GUI(looks and feel and intuitiveness). If there is anything bad to say about GoodReader it would be the UX/GUI. Its complicated and too utilitarian(ugly)! This is a big powerful PDF tool that requires you to be computer savvy. Beginners will be turned off and confused. Compared to Adobe Reader+Dropbox pair(which work right out of the box and easy to use), there is actually quite a bit of configurations and learning curve you need for GoodReader work for you. Despite the not so great UX/GUI, I rated GoodReader 5 for one reason: power. It is extremely powerful. Ive gotten it set up so that it syncs with my computer via AFP(like Windows Samba), so that it would sync quickly while my computer does the hard work of syncing with the cloud. That way if I work with a 500MB file, I can sync in less than a minute and work from either my computer or my iPad (without going through the slow cloud like Dropbox). GoodReader has must have features: pen annotation. I use it with Apple Pencil and LOVE IT. It can also easily cut and paste and reorder pages. Double sided viewing with oddeven start is also quite good esp with my big iPad Pro. Quick all pages view, quick jump, bookmarks, highlight, underline, etc... These are all the basic that youll be using all the time. In short, this is extremely powerful. But I would only buy it if youre very computer savvy and dont mind the utilitarian UX/GUI.

Ive been using this app for about 7 years

Ive been using this up since I bought my very first iPod touch. The developer has always been on top of everything. It is the best PDF reader. On top of all of that I use it to store all of my files

As per named, Good. But can be better.

A polished app with many essential features of a file manager. However, it lacks finer refinements and functions/features that some advanced user requires. In general it is good, better than most, and can be even-better.

Good application

Good application. i need to browse ppt files, horizontal situation. i need search inside the ppt file

Best app for pdf

I think it is the best app for pdf annotation. Please support apple pencil like notability and goodnote. Their support has two features: 1. There is an option for drawing just by pencil, so if your hand touches accidently, it doesnt ruin your drawing. 2. They use some smoothness function on the results of drawing by pencil.

Dissertation saver

This app saved my sanity during my dissertation days. Now I still use it store all my articles...wonderful app.

Good Reader Rocks

Great tool in managing my business!

Simple, Reliable, Powerfull

Works like a charm 100% of the time!

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